• Gossiped area search

    From Richard Menedetter@2:310/31 to All on Mon Jan 20 18:25:30 2020
    Hello All!

    Gossiped has now an area search function - thanx!

    Some remarks:
    It would be great if backspace would delete the last character of the search and if ESC would cancel the search

    Another thing for later maybe.
    Currently it will always jump to the first match.
    Eg if I search for UT it will jump to classic_compUTer.
    If add add F it will jump to utf-8.
    It would be nice if it would show all matches, instead of jumping to the first match.

    CU, Ricsi

    --- gossipEd-linux/amd64 2.0.15-75602b62
    * Origin: https://github.com/askovpen/gossiped/ (2:310/31)