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    No CHRS kludge...

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    H‚ what's that? Oh wait it is the sequence 0xEF,0xBB,0xBF. That is the UTF-8 sequence for
    the BOM or Byte Order Mark.

    An obsolete, depricated way of signalling that the text is encoded in UTF-8.

    But then..
    ... The worst thing about censorship is лллллллллл.

    This is not encoded in UTF-8. It is CP437, CP850, CP866 or any other CPxxx encoding that has the block characters.

    So you have no CHRS kludge to signal the encoding, use an ancient signalling method for UTF-8, but actually endode in CPxxx.

    You have some tuning to do on your system. ;-)

    Cheers, Michiel

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