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    From Chris Jacobs@1:103/705 to All on Fri Mar 24 01:42:00 2023
    I deleted an ö
    Then I added the ö again.

    System: Vertrauen
    Area: FidoNet UTF-8
    Date: 03-24-23 00:14
    From: Michiel van der Vlist
    To: All
    Subj: UTF-8 nodelist report ------------------------------------------------------------------------

    chkwf8 2.0.1 W32 UTF-8 well formed sequence test.
    © 2015-2017, Michiel van der Vlist, PA0MMV (2:280/5555)

    File: dailyutf.083

    1568 lines read.
    1553 lines found with ASCII only.
    14 lines found with well formed UTF-8 sequences.
    1 line found with an ill formed UTF-8 sequence.
    0 lines found with a BOM.

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    --- Deputy Nodelist Police Commissioner
    # Origin: Главный заместитель комиссара полиции нодлиста (2:280/5555)

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    --- MultiMail/Win v0.52
    * Origin: Vertrauen - [vert/cvs/bbs].synchro.net (1:103/705)
  • From Michiel van der Vlist@2:280/5555 to Chris Jacobs on Fri Mar 24 17:30:54 2023
    Hello Chris,

    On Friday March 24 2023 01:42, you wrote to All:

    I deleted an ö Then I added the ö again.

    The program that checks for ill formed UTF-8 sequences is triggered by the first error in a line. The first character in error is replaced by a question mark for the report. Any following errors in the same line are ingnored and "passed as is" to the report.

    The line in question is encoded in LATIN-1 and contains two non ASCII characters. The first is represented by a '?'. How the second is displayed on your screen depends on how your reader is configured. Some will display it as garbage and others may be "smart" enough to interpret it as encoded in LATIN-1 and display it accordingly.

    Cheers, Michiel

    --- GoldED+/W32-MSVC 1.1.5-b20170303
    * Origin: Nieuw Schnøørd (2:280/5555)