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    From Wilfred van Velzen@2:280/464 to All on Tue Nov 2 18:58:10 2021

    Hi All,

    UTF-8 support added, in winpoint software! ;)

    Bye, Wilfred.

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    * From : Tim Schattkowsky, 2:240/1120.29 (2021-11-02 18:46:48)
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    * Subj : Build 369 changes ============================================================================= @MSGID: 2:240/1120.29 e9ce7302
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    Is there a publicly available version of winpoint for testing?
    You can find the current version binary *(WHICH IS NOT A RELEASE AND MAY
    HAVE ISSUES)* at
    What are the main differences between 369.0 and 359.1

    _Most notable changes since 359.1_
    NEW Simplified product naming/versioning scheme (no more WinPoint <expiry date here>)
    NEW Updated to Delphi 2007 (includes updates to various 3rd-party components) NEW New (temporary I think) default theme
    NEW *Wastly Improved Charset Handling* (Reader,Editor,Search in Msgs, Search in Msg,Display Filters)
    - Switched to full unicode mail text handling internally (avoids translation errors from the past)
    - Header information is now properly decoded using the message Charset (for supported charsets)
    - Fixes all known issues with ASCII/CP866/LATIN encodings (includung Hi-ASCII display)
    - Added UTF-8 support
    - Improved CP866 Auto-detection (I hope)
    - Print function still only works correctly for ASCII
    NEW Improved reflow logics when quoting messages
    NEW Improved display of control lines (individual color)
    NEW Encoding of a stored message can now persistently overridden in the reader CHG Messagebase no uses actual send date (i.e., incorporates TZUTC in time information)
    CHG Default message list sorting is now orig date desc
    FIX TZUTC did never include a sign in the value
    FIX Mailer no longer uses invalid 5D address if no domain is given
    FIX Editor: Delete Line was deleting one line below
    FIX Message reader now again stores sort settings
    FIX Various other bug fixes

    *REMINDER*: Try it at your own risk. Make a backup of the configuration from the registry before trying the new version.

    Best, Tim

    -+- WinPoint 369.0
    + Origin: Original *WinPoint* Origin (2:240/1120.29) =============================================================================

    --- FMail-lnx64
    * Origin: FMail development HQ (2:280/464)