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    From Zazz@1:124/5014 to James Coyle on Fri Jul 12 17:11:31 2019
    How many people in this echo actually run Telegard? *raises hand* =)

    Just you? I haven't seen a TG BBS in a long long time! :)

    I am setting one up now. It is available at wcalt.rdfig.net on standard port 23. Have got it connected to my GameSrv for doors and will add Odin's Maze
    and a couple of others. Not sure about DoorParty and BBSLinks.

    Found an app to autocreate message echo for Fido and am struggling on
    deciding best route to get messages. I have DBridge setup to receive packets but need an echo mail processor to unpack it and I think I could use Telemail to import messages into Telegard message bases.

    However any util I find to do this is no longer available or supported.
    So I guess I am asking for recommendation on what to use.

    So I have dbridge, but need an unpacker and something to toss into telegard and to scan and pack for dbridge. Suggestions please on what will work.

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