• Netfoss with Telegard

    From Don Lowery@1:340/1000 to All on Tue Aug 25 22:43:28 2020
    Anyone out there use these two pieces of software? Attempted to get TG to answer the phone...but NF would disconnect me after checking my IP address.
    Set up the config file for Net2BBS according to the steps in the manual. Haven't gotten very far other than to see my comm program connect me...but refuse to kick me to TG.

    For a front-end...going to use SGMail 3...with Squish as the mail tosser.
    Have Sean Dennis's how-to on the way to do it...but Netfoss seems to want you to go straight to the BBS rather than keeping the front-end open to accept
    mail calls.

    Anyone have any suggestions...please feel free to post them.

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