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    src/sbbs3/ctrl/FtpCfgDlgUnit.cpp ServicesCfgDlgUnit.cpp TelnetCfgDlgUnit.cpp WebCfgDlgUnit.cpp src/sbbs3/ftpsrvr.c ftpsrvr.h login.cpp logout.cpp mailsrvr.c mailsrvr.h main.cpp sbbs_ini.c services.c services.h startup.h websrvr.c websrvr.h xtrn_sec.cpp
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    Update sound (WAV) file play-on-event support in Windows buildA "hack attempt" sound file is now supported in the Terminal Server, Mail Server, and Services."login" and "logoff" sound files are now supported in the Terminal Server, FTP Server, Web Server, Mail Server, and Services.This enhancement fixes Issue #157The following sound files may now be configured in the [Global] section of the ctrl/sbbs.ini file, if desired to set the default sound files for all servers/services in on place:- AnswerSound- LoginSound- LogoutSound- HangupSound- HackAttemptSound
    --- SBBSecho 3.14-Linux
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