• sbbsecho and file attaches

    From Digital Man@1:103/705 to mark lewis on Fri Oct 20 20:19:52 2023
    Re: sbbsecho and file attaches
    By: mark lewis to Digital Man on Fri Aug 09 2019 02:20 pm

    You can just "gdb sbbsecho" and type "run" at the (gdb) prompt.
    If/when it crashes, you can use "bt" to print a backtrace, then copy/paste to me.

    gotcha... i'm actually fairly versed with bt and "thread apply all bt" in my testing work with several games and simulators :P

    Okay, cool. In this case, sbbsecho is single-threaded, so just "bt" should be all that's needed.

    digital man

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