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    Add support for XTerm "Bracketed Paste"At the same time, add BD, BE, PE, and PS to the terminfo entry.Note that it seems this is "normally" detected by seeing if $TERMcontains "xterm" which shouldn't work with SyncTERM (which is wildlyincompatible), but the terminfo source file here:https://invisible-island.net/ncurses/terminfo.ti.htmlGives us hope in the form of this comment:https://invisible-island.net/xterm/xterm-paste64.htmlBracketed paste was introduced by xterm patch #203 in May 2005, as part of alarger feature for manipulating the clipboard selection. Few terminals asidefrom xterm fully implement the clipboard feature, but several copy thisdetail. The names for the extended capabilities here were introduced by vimin January 2017, but used internally. In 2023, vim patch 9.0.1117 is neededto work with this change.That is to say that it likely won't work on anyone's system today(except maybe Cyan's), but it may magically start working in thefuture... assuming tic supports these capnames. No real clue theresince there's absolutely no termcap support, and I use FreeBSD.
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