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    src/conio/x_cio.c x_cio.h x_events.c x_events.h
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    Overhaul of X supportCreate initial window at final size to avoid extra resize at start- Load vmode before initializing the windowTrack scaling whenever the X window is adjustedReplace x11_window_height/x11_window_width with vstat.winwidth/vstat.winheightResize zim from init_mode_internal() to ensure it tracks current size on initial exposeHonour ciolib_initial_scalingCheck xim validity in local_draw_rect() in case of raceAdd check to prevent divide-by-zero in handle_resize_event()Use vstat for current on-screen info, and x_cvstat for desired info- This allows using vstat.scaling in place of old_scalingHave scaling set use a new mutex-protected variableFill in local_draw_rect() so we don't miss exposeSet max window size based on user area (or root window size if not available)The WM Cyan uses may hate this...This absolutely *must* fix the issue in SF ticket 103.
    --- SBBSecho 3.20-Linux
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