• FMail AreaMgr information

    From FMail AreaMgr@1:103/705 to Matthew Blocker on Sat Apr 29 14:08:00 2023
    Address your request to 'FMail', 'AreaMgr', 'AreaFix', 'AreaLink' or 'EchoMgr' (without quotes). Enter your password for AreaMgr on the subject line.

    In the body of the message to AreaMgr (with area FMAIL_HELP as an example) :

    FMAIL_HELP Connect area FMAIL_HELP
    FMAIL_HELP /R Connect area FMAIL_HELP and rescan all messages
    in the message base
    FMAIL_HELP /R=50 Connect area FMAIL_HELP and rescan at most 50 messages
    =FMAIL_HELP Rescan the connected area FMAIL_HELP without having
    to disconnect it first

    -FMAIL_HELP Disconnect area FMAIL_HELP

    %+ALL Connect all available areas
    %-ALL Disconnect all areas

    %FROM Z:N/N.P Perform remote maintenance for another system with given
    nodenumber. The node or point doing remote maintenance
    should use his/her own password. The replies generated
    by FMail will be sent to both the system doing remote
    maintenance and the system for which the maintenance is
    being done.

    %COMPRESSION ZIP Change the compression method used for your mail to ZIP
    %PWD ABCDEF or
    %PASSWORD ABCDEF Change your AreaMgr password to ABCDEF (password should
    be at least 5 characters and at most 16 characters long)
    %PKTPWD QRSTUV Change your packet password to QRSTUV (password may be
    at most 8 characters long)
    %NOTIFY ON Turn NOTIFY messages on
    %NOTIFY OFF Turn NOTIFY messages off

    %HELP Request this message
    %LIST Request a list of areas available to you
    %BLIST Request a list of areas available to you in
    binary format (*.BCL file)
    %QUERY Request a list of areas for which you are active
    %UNLINKED Request a list of areas to which you are not connected

    %RESCAN Request a rescan of all new areas
    %RESCAN=50 Request a rescan of at most 50 messages per area for
    all new areas
    %PASSIVE Temporarily disable all areas. This means that you won't
    receive any echo mail anymore unless it is addressed to
    you personally (only if the sysop on this node has
    entered your name correctly in the Node Manager). You
    will still be allowed to send echo mail to this system
    in areas to which you are connected.
    %PAUSE Same as %PASSIVE, but without the exception for mail
    addressed to the name of the sysop. You will receive
    no mail at all. You can still send mail.
    %RESUME or
    %ACTIVE Make your node active again.

    %AUTOBCL 7 Request to receive a BCL file from FMail every 7 days.
    Use 0 if you don't want to receive BCL files anymore.
    See FMAIL.DOC for more information about this feature

    %NOTE or
    ... or
    --- Everything after and below these lines is ignored

    You can also use the -H, -L, -Q and -U switches in the subject line, as alternatives to the commands: %HELP, %LIST, %QUERY and %UNLINKED.

    And you can specify the compression method in the subject line with -ARC. Where 'ARC' is one of the supported compression modes listed above with the %COMPRESSION command.

    # areamgr.hlp version: 2017-01-06 #
    --- SBBSecho 3.20-Linux
    * Origin: Vertrauen - [vert/cvs/bbs].synchro.net (1:103/705)
  • From Starstorm@1:103/705 to FMail AreaMgr on Mon May 1 15:38:19 2023
    Re: FMail AreaMgr information
    By: FMail AreaMgr to Matthew Blocker on Sat Apr 29 2023 14:08:00


    Sorry, fixed it.

    Synchronet The SouthEast Star Mail HUB - SESTAR
    * Origin: Vertrauen - [vert/cvs/bbs].synchro.net (1:103/705)