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    src/sbbs3/scfg/objects.mk scfg.c scfg.h scfgnode.c
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    Create the "Servers" configuration sub-menu, currently read-onlyI'm surprised more people haven't wondered aloud: why are all the Synchronetserver settings in this huge sbbs.ini file? Well... this kind of answers thatquestion: it's a hell of a lot of settings! And this isn't even everything(several advanced/rarely-used/borderline-deprecated settings aren't included)!As part of this change, I've replaced the old date/time display with thecurrent config file path/name that's being edited (more or less). This willhelp when a sysop has multiple sbbs.*.ini files and makes it clear if you havemultiple sbbs installs (like me), which one you're editing at any given time.I have not implemented any of the server setting edits (other than a couplesimple toggles) or help text yet and this does not detect changes or save themto the sbbs.ini file, but I wanted to get this committed at this stage anyway.If you're running sbbsctrl.exe (or maybe even gtkmonitor), then maybe this iscompletely redundant and unnecessary, but I figured it was good to have thesesettings in one edit find/edit platform-agnostic location anyway. Hoepfullythis will (when its done) make SBBS for *nix just that much easier for a newbiesysop/sysadmin.
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