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    src/sbbs3/js_bbs.cpp js_user.c logon.cpp readmail.cpp sbbs.h sbbsdefs.h userdat.c userdat.h userfields.h
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    Add user_t.mail (in JS, user.mail_settings) to remember mail preferencesRight now, the only preference is reverse mail listings (oldest firstor newest first). These settings are only used when reading "your mail",not any other kind of mail reading.bbs.read_mail() now returns the user-adjusted loadmail_mode value andthis allows us to determine the user's preferences and save them afterthis function/method is called. A readmail_mod can now return a number(other than 0) and that will be used as the return value of this method.sbbs_t::readmail() now does the adjustment of the passed lm_mode beforecalling any installed readmail_mod, so if for example, deleted messageviewing is enabled by the sysop, those LM_* flags might be set now inthe argument to the readmail_mod, wherase they never would before.There is not yet any way for the sysop to set a new user's defaultmail_settings, they'll just default to 0 for now.email_sec.js will get some adjustments to use/store theuser.mail_settings next.
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