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    src/sbbs3/scfg/scfgxfr1.c src/sbbs3/upload.cpp
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    Implement the sbbsfile.nam and sbbsfile.des post-processing in v3.19This one was one of the last TODO items for the new filebase implementation: It's been supported (for a *long* time) that a file tester/upload processor could change the uploaded file's name or description by modifying the contents of the sbbsfile.nam and sbbsfile.des files in the node's directory (I know, great names, eh?). These files were not read-back into sbbs to apply any changes in v3.19b and that's now "fixed" though I'm not sure any file upload tester/processor actually ever made use of this feature.Also as part of this change, the '%s' specifier for the tester command-line will now be replaced with the path to the sbbsfile.des file and not the file's description itself (which could easily have been problematic for a command-line).Updated SCFG help text to suit.
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