• text/menu/main.40col.msg transfer.40col.msg

    From Rob Swindell@1:103/705 to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Thu Sep 30 22:02:40 2021
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    text/menu/main.40col.msg transfer.40col.msg
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    Rename the 40col menus from .asc to .msg so they appear for CBM/PETSCII termsThe menu file selection priority is like this (for 40col CBM/PETSCII terminals):main.40col.seqmain.seqmain.40col.msgmain.msgmain.40col.ascmain.ascso the main.msg was being chosen before main.40col.asc.Plus, these files contain ex-ASCII chars, so .msg is actually the more correctfile extension anyway.
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