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    After his father's death, Arjun and his family move to Mumbai. Arjun starts to work at a tea stall where he sees some children arrive at night for Lucky (Aniket) Sir. He sees that the children are skating and gets attracted to skating. He finds the skates too expensive so his four friends make a pair of skates out of garbage and call it hawaa hawaai. Aniket gets impressed by Arjun and decides to teach him skating. Arjun comes out to be very talented and Aniket decides to send him to participate in the district-level skating race. On the day of the race, Arjun gets missing. Aniket finds that he is ill and immediately takes him to a hospital where he learns that Arjun has hepatitis. Arjun gets cured and Aniket learns about the difficulties of the poor child about the lack of proper food, sleep, and continuous workload. He realizes that Arjun and his friends have a big heart and they need to be educated. He tries to help them. All his other students come to meet Arjun and bring him nutritional supplements. Aniket decides to send Arjun to the state-level skating race and registers him from his hometown (Yavatmal district). Arjun remembers of his father and wins the race. The film ends showing that Arjun and his friends are admitted in a school and an article is printed in the newspaper about Arjun.
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