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    From The Lizard Master@1:103/705 to All on Wed Oct 11 16:21:09 2023
    I was looking through the bbsfiles.com rip in hopes I could find a registered version of Rebel Kingdom and maybe Island Empires. They weren't big but at one time I had registered copies of both lost to time and I wanted to see if I could recapture that. Doug had been giving out keys for those, so I figured I'd give it a shot again (I've looked in the past) and saw this:

    Cracks Pack (BBSREG and misc) compiled by dink [5-7-96]
    I guess you can consider this BBSREG #12 =]

    To unzip the BBSREG Archiave, type:
    pkunzip -sDINK bbsreg.zip

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    So if anyone needs a cracked version of Syncrhonet 2.3 you know where to find it lol.


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  • From fusion@1:103/705 to Digital Man on Thu Oct 12 18:45:00 2023
    On 12 Oct 2023, Digital Man said the following...

    Enigma/dink was the author of mTelnet too. Hopefully someday he rejoins BBS land.

    i talk to him once in a while but never about BBS stuff. he works on video
    game emulators now (which shouldn't be surprising because his bbs was full
    of it)

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