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    From Mickey@1:103/705 to All on Sat Dec 3 20:39:16 2022
    Hi Y'all. My old bbs (mystic) had a catatrophic crash around 6 months ago, and I've just installed the latest release of Synchronet. My personal life became quite hectic as well. In any case, I just wanted to say how much I like this software. It looks real good even though it's still very stock. Easy to install as well. Rob and the boy's have done a great job here.

    I return you to the regular chat. :-)


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  • From Al DeRosa@1:267/157 to Mickey on Sun Dec 4 07:39:36 2022
    On 04 Dec 2022, MRO said the following...

    i recommend that if you are just starting out, use that renegade menu shell and just make some screens for your bbs. then go into text.dat
    and change the colors. despite what a lot of people say, you do NOT
    have to be a programmer to use synchronet.

    Excellent advice from MRO, Synchro at first looks pretty daunting, but it really isn't the text.dat is simple to play with and the more you play with the underhood stuff the easier the software is..

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