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    From The Millionaire@1:103/705 to Digital Man on Wed Apr 13 10:01:52 2022
    How do you find out how many messages that were posted in a thread?

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    Re: Message Threads
    By: The Millionaire to Digital Man on Wed Apr 13 2022 10:01:52

    How do you find out how many messages that were posted in a thread?

    You'd probably need to write a script that would crawl through the thread and keep a running tally of replies. I don't think it's a stat that a user or even sysop has easy access to.


    The reason you're asking is so you can post a message patting yourself on the back for starting a popular thread with one of your inane questions, and back it up with numbers. Just stop. It's smarmy and obnoxious and clearly intended to take a little poke at the haters. You'll then complain about being bullied when they rise to the bait. Can we just hit the brakes on this shit train before it leaves the station with its gigantic stinky load of shit and spreads its shit smell all over BBS land? Please?

    The popular consensus is that your inane questions are fine as long as they're kept to a reasonable limit, like one per day or whatever. It's acknowledged that they sometimes spin out into a decent conversation. It's been discussed. It's been recognized. You don't need to go any further.

    And kindly don't pretend that you're asking for any other reason. It's an insult to the intelligence of everyone reading this hugely popular thread that you've started (kudos for that).

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