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    From Tracker1@1:103/705 to DOVE-Net.Synchronet_Discussion on Tue Apr 5 16:01:05 2022
    Connecting to Synchronet (Vertrauen) with Linux SSH, seems to work well. Display characters coming across correctly as far as I can tell. Also,
    looks like the size is (re)detected properly on screen refresh.

    Using Cascadia Code PL font. Ligatures enabled.

    detected as: Auto UTF-8 / ANSI (iCE color) (mouse)

    Mainly wanted to try out the integrated Z-Modem download (fdsz) worked
    great. - https://tabby.sh/about/features

    Note: it's a bit heavier than a lot of terminal apps. But worked well
    for the connection over SSH, and would assume Telnet/Rlogin as well.
    Michael J. Ryan - tracker1@roughneckbbs.com
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    --- SBBSecho 3.15-Linux
    * Origin: Vertrauen - [vert/cvs/bbs].synchro.net (1:103/705)