• v16 PAE Status

    From Ozz Nixon@1:1/123 to All on Tue Jun 25 03:47:25 2019
    (a) Finally have my Dynamic IP Scripts programmed to update the
    Mikrotik Cloud Core routers, and to update DNS Made Easy (60 second
    TTL, means I should not be down more than 2 minutes during a DHCP

    (b) I have not found my spare Windows Intel NUC - (somewhere).

    (c) I have not setup a Mac folder yet for v16 PAE - been working on:

    i. PCBoard Terminal - A cross-platform ANSI and beyond terminal. I got
    tired of limitations I was experiencing with SyncTerm and fTelnet. So,
    as they always say to me "Well, if you are so f'ing smart write your
    own"... I AM. LOL.

    I have been focusing on native GUI, and have developed my own
    Display Widget for the Lazarus compiler. Simply add a unit, and start referencing it in the code. Only piece of logic "the developer" has to
    do is set top and left, it automatically calculated out 25 rows by 80
    columns. And yes, it does support 43 rows and/or 50 rows, and of course
    132 columns. I wanted to make sure I was still DOS backward
    compatible... but - that is where the DOS compatability stops. I am
    working on enabling Caret for the cursor, along with accept mouse
    interaction (may add a fake mouse cursor inside the Widget). I call the
    Widget GuiCrt.

    GuiCrt was developed to mimic DOS, but take advantage of the canvas, allowing 24 bit color (Foreground and Background)... I am even
    tinkering with Kitty Protocol (ANSI extended for graphics beyond
    RIPScript, including PNG). Imagine having the BBS set a background
    image, or even manipulating the terminal's SHAPE. Haha (Almost posted a screenshot, then realized SHIT this if FIDO). :-(

    I have also started porting 'Multiplexer Relay Chat' previously
    known as 'MysticBBS Relay Chat'. And the way PCB16 works, PCBTerm can communicate right to my favorite PCBoard's MRC gateway - adding DESKTOP

    Still have a ton of testing to do ... but, had a moment to say SURPRISE!

    Ozz aka SqZ

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