• An OS without WiFi... yikes.

    From Ozz Nixon@1:1/123 to Holger Granholm on Mon Apr 29 13:58:40 2019
    I wonder why they have not implemented at least a couple WiFi drivers.
    That like you said makes it useless for laptops. And they do not market
    it as "ArcaOS Server OS"... I would have freaked out had I bought it a
    couple months ago when I was seriously debating an OS/2 build.

    Anyway, this is the 2nd post to the FTN type networks from PCBoard
    Version 16. I do not have (R)eply coded yet... as I was waiting for my
    test partner to reply to my previous post 2 hours ago. So, if you get
    this and you see any thing wrong please let me know (Good or Bad).

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