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    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to Ozz Nixon on Wed Apr 24 14:45:00 2019
    In a message on 04-23-19 Ozz Nixon said to Holger Granholm:

    Hi Ozz,

    I am keen on eventually getting a copy of ArcaOS - just so I can see
    "can I still support" OS/2(ish) environments.

    What I know about ArcaOS is that it's not able to communicate by Wifi.
    That is a couple of months old info but Wifi is extremely important for
    all that want to use a laptop.

    The info I have about eCS is only founded on their advertising of it.
    According to that eCS is compatible with all previous OS/2 programs.

    Sean Dennis would by now have experience of both eCS and ArcaOS since
    he has gone all the way from IBM's OS/2 through both of the new ones.

    That IBM's version is now substituted with eCS and ArcaOS (Blue Lion).
    Both state to be compatible with the original operating (IBM) system.

    Yes, as stated above but without WiFi access for ArcaOS.

    How important is Serial Communications to you? When we did our
    original survey last year, I think 2% said they want dial-up... and

    Serial communication is still very important because I've still got
    users using land-lines and Wifi. Also it's quite important to be able to
    use a laptop as a BBS-machine with the inherent battery backup.

    So far it hasn't been possible because of the limited harddisk capacity
    that the old IBM's operating system allows.

    PPAE has:
    1. JAMmb API as the message base - stress tested pulling in USENET
    for a week - no problems.
    2. A Parallel NNTP Server - uses PCB16 USERS.DAT for
    authentication and access control.
    3. Full-Tested Fidonet Tosser
    4. PPE is no more, as the WHOLE BBS is an interprested open source script. Organized so people can replace prompts, screens, logic, etc
    5. * Primary focus in the message side of thing - next month
    I migrate to focusing on the FILE side of things.

    Thank you and

    Have a nice day,


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