• Yippee, Ndlcompiler works

    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to All on Fri Jan 4 12:44:00 2019
    Hi All,

    Wether it's luck or one of my "BRIGHT" ideas bearing fruit, I don't know

    The other day I stumbled over a file named YEAR2000.COM.

    The installation instructions even mentioned how to use it for OS/2,
    and also gave full information of how/why it works in various op-systems

    So according to the instructions I copied the file to the "Startup"
    directory, rebooted the machine and waited for the new NODEDIFF dated
    on this side of New Year.

    Today was THE DAY! The new NODEDIFF arrived and was succesfully compiled
    by the PCBoard's PCBNDLC that was included with the v15.4 Beta.

    Having had to start every year lately with a new NODELIST for the
    nodelist compiler to work with subsequent *DIFF's, the wait is now over.

    The setup here is OS/2 Warp4 FP15, PCBoard v15.22 updated with 15.4 beta

    Have a good year,


    .. Sleep well: OS/2's still awake ;*)
    -- MR/2 2.30

    -- MR/2 2.30

    --- PCBoard (R) v15.22 (OS/2) 2
    * Origin: Coming to you from the Sunny Aland Islands. (2:20/228)