• Cam-Mail

    From Tom Swartz@1:153/757.11 to All on Tue Dec 11 20:39:00 2018
    Hello fellow PCBoarders,

    Has anyone run Cam-Mail ?
    The latest version seems to be v1.45 (as near as i can tell). The
    file_id.diz says it has added fossil support, but nowhere in the .DOC
    does it mention how to enable it. When run as a door, it errors out
    because it is trying to load COMMDRV. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW...I am happy to lend a helping hand to anyone trying to get PCBoard
    up and running. I have loads of experience running and programming PCB.


    --- PCBoard (R) v15.3/100
    * Origin: Danger Bay BBS * Vancouver, Canada (1:153/757.11)