• Automated Conference by Sunrise Doors

    From Dario Figueroa@1:124/5015 to All on Wed Oct 26 19:06:53 2022
    As I am setting up this PCBoard I am running into the problems of running an older bbs with all its registered utils not available for registration is the original author is no longer supporting, not anywhere to be found, or no longer has the source to do registration.

    There is a program for Sunrise doors that will do nicely regarding pcboard's conferences. It is Automatic Network/Confernce Listing (acfn28.zip was the last version I could find in my old files. I contacted Al Lawrence and he no longer has what he needs to do a registration.

    His suggestion was to scout around to see if somone had their registration and would be willing to let me use it. If you do it would be appreciated and can be confirmed by Al himself (his suggestion).

    So if you do, it would be nice. Many thanks in advance to all those who respond.

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