• Borland Pascal 7.0 Resource Workshop issue

    From Paul Richards@1:261/20.999 to All on Mon Jul 4 15:27:38 2011
    From: "Paul Richards" <paulrichards@XXXNOSPAMiinet.net.au>

    BP 7.0: I have a problem with Resource Workshop under Window XP. When I
    launch RW I get the following message:

    "Resource Workshop has discovered that an Unrecoverable Application
    Error or other abnormal termination has occurred on a previous instance
    of Resource Workshop ... Select Cancel to quit, Select OK to continue"

    If I select OK I get a message "Error: Only 5 instances of Resource
    Workshop are allowed"

    Is there a known solution to this? I don't have any problems with the
    rest of BP7.


    Melbourne, Australia

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