• Proboard on Arca

    From Rick Smith@1:105/81 to All on Sat Jul 8 07:48:44 2023
    Hello All!

    Hello All!

    I am trying to get proboard up on my arca install and having a couple snags.. I am using SIO and VModem which all
    appear to be working fine. Proboard will load and initialize the modem without an issue. It will show "Ring" when I try to connect to it, however it will not answer. I did in communicating with its current author get it to answer by adding ATS0=1 in the answer string in modem settings, this did not last tho. I am not sure what it so different about proboard and this setup, maximus, lora and others answer just fine. Hoping some of you may have tried this setup?
    Here is my config.sys as it relates to SIO...

    DEVICE=C:\SIO\SIO.SYS (COM1:115200,INTERNET:3F8,NONE:4,-) (COM2:57600,INTERNET:2F8,NONE:3,-)

    I have tried variations but this is current.



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