From Paul Hayton@3:770/100 to All on Sun Dec 21 10:32:21 2014
    Hi all,

    This echoarea will shortly move again beyond the borders of New Zealand and become one that is shared internationally. Looking back it seems like the
    last time it was shared offshore was back in 2006 when Miles Maxted was still active.

    I have added this echoarea to the echolist, the record is as follows:

    Echolist Announcement ...

    New Zealand Chat
    An international conference for conversations between New
    Zealand BBS users and others from around the globe.
    Status: Active
    Origin: Agency HUB 3:770/1 Group: FIDO
    Distribution: All Zones
    Gateways: Moderator Approval Required
    Language: English
    # Nodes: 6 Volume: 5/mo Rules:
    Flags: <Real Names Only>
    Notes: /REA
    Moderators: Paul Hayton, 3:770/100, avon@bbs.geek.nz
    Last changed: 20-Dec-2014 by Paul Hayton, 3:770/100, avon@bbs.geek.nz

    --- Echobase 3.48
    * Origin: * Origin: FIDONet Backbone - EchoList HQ (1:1/21.0)

    In the coming days I expect this echoarea will be picked up by a few international systems.

    Cheers, Paul

    `I'm not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going' - Kerr Avon, Blake's 7

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