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    Hi C.G.,

    On 2017-01-26 10:34:08, you wrote to All:

    This seems to be the place for inquiring minds to ask questions. This
    may be off topic for this echo, but I've been told actually anything
    goes here.

    This is more a kind of general chit chat area afaik. So I crossposted to the NET_DEV area.

    I'm helping a programmer friend of mine fine tune a mail tosser. I've researched it on google, but can't find anything I quite understand.
    I'll try to make this simple, as I want a somwhat simple answer. How
    does a tosser tell the difference between a "Netmail" message and a "echomail" message. Is there a header file in the PKT that will distinguish it, or is it the actual name of the PKT file. What should
    we look for so we can toss a netmail PKT message to a netmail
    directory for reading.

    You should find answers for these kind of questions in the ftsc documents. Echomail is defined in: http://ftsc.org/docs/fts-0004.001

    You distinguish an echomail from a netmail by the 'Area line'. This will be the
    first line in the message body, starting with "AREA:" followed by the area name.

    Bye, Wilfred.

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