• Shutting Down, but want to leave code for someone to use

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    Hello All,

    I find myself just far to busy to complete a project I started a number of years ago.

    I also find the need to shutdown my Fidonet operations; as limited as they are. I just don't have the time to manage all the moving parts, and I'm getting away from desktop systems in favor or portable ones.

    So, to all developers for Fido. I would like to leave you with my unfinished source for a PHP based Fidonet messaging site. The class for reading JAM message bases works, haven't ever had the chance to code the post section.

    Please see https://github.com/sstreet98/phpbbs.git for all the source. I was targeting a LAMP system to run the operation with this code and the help of Husky Fido and binkd.

    Thank you, sorry for the bending of topic; though I figure this might be the conference to find the developer who can use the code.

    Good Luck,

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