• 3rd Party Traffic (A)

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    International Third-Party Traffic -- Proceed With Caution

    Occasionally, DX stations may ask you to pass a third-party message
    to a friend or relative in the States. This is all right as long as
    the US has signed an official third-party traffic agreement with
    that particular country, or the third party is a licensed amateur.
    The traffic must be noncommercial and of a personal, unimportant
    nature. During an emergency, the US State Department will often
    work out a special temporary agreement with the country involved.
    But in normal times, never handle traffic without first making
    sure it is legally permitted.

    For a list of countries that have third party traffic agreements
    with the United States, go to:


    For a list of countries that have reciprocal operating agreements
    with the United States, go to:


    International Operating


    Amateurs sometimes visit other countries and naturally want to operate
    their amateur stations. The three types of reciprocal operating
    authority are 1) a CEPT license; 2) an IARP; and 3) a reciprocal permit
    from a country which does not participate in either of these two
    multilateral agreements. Always follow all of the communications rules
    of the country visited. To operate under CEPT or IARP, the amateur must
    be a licensee in the country of citizenship.

    Canada is the exception to the above. The US and Canada share an
    automatic reciprocal operating agreement. US amateurs must carry proof
    of their US citizenship and their valid US license. Identification for
    US amateurs is the US call separated by a stroke and the appropriate
    Canadian prefix identifier (e.g. N1KB/VE3). In all other instances, or
    as specified by the national licensing body, the prefix goes before the
    call sign. For further information on US/Canadian operation, visit the
    RAC Web site.
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