• ARLS009 FalconSAT-3 Now Open for Amateur Radio Use

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    ARLS009 FalconSAT-3 Now Open for Amateur Radio Use

    ZCZC AS09
    QST de W1AW
    Space Bulletin 009 ARLS009
    From ARRL Headquarters
    Newington, CT September 26, 2017
    To all radio amateurs

    ARLS009 FalconSAT-3 Now Open for Amateur Radio Use

    The Air Force Academy satellite FalconSAT-3 is now open for Amateur Radio use as a digital store-and-forward system. Built in 2005 and 2006 by cadets and faculty in the Space Systems Research Center at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, FalconSAT-3 was launched in 2007.

    The satellite has completed its scientific and training missions, and the Academy now is making it available for Amateur Radio use. The Packet Bulletin Board System operates at 9600 baud with a 145.840 MHz uplink/435.103 MHz downlink. Output power is 1 W, and the downlink is continuously on. Digipeating
    is enabled for live QSOs, but unattended digipeating operation is not authorized at this time.

    Additional information is available on the AMSAT website at, https://www.amsat.org/falconsat-3/ .



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