• Setting Up D-Rats

    From Daryl Stout@1:2320/33 to All on Fri Apr 28 00:06:53 2023
    D-Rats allows hams to send messages, email, files, ICS forms, etc.,
    and to chat...all in real time.

    For D-Rats Users, who want to set up multiple filters, such as for
    QST's and CQ's... so their displays aren't so "cluttered"...this will
    take care of both QST's and CQ's. I'm not sure if you can have more
    than "2 filters" or not.

    1) Load up D-Rats as normal.

    2) Under F)ile -> P)references -> Appearance -- look for the window
    Ignore RegEx

    3) In that box, enter the following:

    \[QST\] \[CQCQCQ:\]


    WARNING!! It MUST be entered like that, with the backslash, left bracket, string to be filtered, backslash, and right bracket -- if you enter it
    ANY other way, D-Rats will CRASH as soon as you try to run it!! Then, you
    have to go to the following location to edit the configuration file.

    C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Roaming\D-RATS\ D-RATS.config

    Edit it with Windows NOTEPAD -- DO NOT USE Wordpad.

    That way you don't have to reinstall.

    If this folder is NOT available, then you may have to UNINSTALL and
    REINSTALL the program.


    It will NOT matter what "color" you set for the "Ignore Color" -- since
    you will have "2 filters" -- it will be the same as a regular incoming
    message color for the QST's (that you can select). Plus, the CQCQCQ's
    will come in as yellow (unless you select a different color), but don't
    worry about that...the steps below will take care of both of these.

    4) At the top of the chat window, select Add Filter.

    5) In the box, type [QST] and press <ENTER>. Then, repeat that process
    for [CQCQCQ:] -- you should see a tab for each just below the window
    where chat messages are.

    When new QST's or CQ's, come in, the text on the label will change to
    red. Just click on the label to read the QST or CQCQCQ messages...and
    scroll up or down as needed.

    6) Under F)ile -> Preferences -> Chat -- make sure that the box "Show
    status updates in chat" is NOT checked.

    To set up a Ratflector to monitor:

    A) Under F)ile - P)references - R)adio -- click on ADD

    B) It will ask you for several values.

    1) The name of the ratflector...enter whatever name you wish.

    2) Type: This is as follows:

    a) Serial -- a D-Star Radio connected to a serial port.

    Click ADD when done, or CANCEL to cancel the process.

    Select the comport and baud rate.

    b) Network -- a network link to a rattflector instance.

    Enter the host address, such as sewx.ratflector.com (for the Southeast
    US D-Star Weather Net Ratflector).

    Unless directed otherwise, leave the port at 9000, and leave the password
    field BLANK.

    Click ADD when done, or CANCEL to cancel the process.

    c) TNC -- a KISS-mode TNC connected to a serial port.

    Select the comport and baud rate, as well as the TNC port. If AX.25 is
    to be used, check the box that says "Enabled".

    Enter the Digi Path, if needed.

    Click ADD when done, or CANCEL to cancel the process.

    d) Dongle -- a locally attached Dongle. If using a DV Dongle, you
    should use NETWORK as the option, noted above.

    e) AGWPE -- a TNC attached to an AGWPE server.

    Enter the host address, and select the port.

    Enter your user name, password, and the digi path, if needed.

    Click ADD when done, or CANCEL to cancel the process.

    You can set up as many ratflectors as you wish, and you can receive
    messages on as many as you wish...but you can ONLY transmit on one
    ratflector at a time, with the following exception -- you create a QST
    to transmit on ALL the ratflectors you have enabled, by selecting ALL.
    If you prefer to just send it on the current reflector, just select

    If you need any other assistance setting up D-Rats, there are several
    files in the D-Star/D-Rats files area here on The Thunderbolt BBS (wx1der.dyndns.org)...or you can leave me a message. I am good via
    email on QRZ.

    Daryl, WX4QZ, Net Control
    QCWA CQ100 and D-Star Nets
    D-Star Food Net
    Arklatex D-Star Net
    CERT D-Star Net
    New Mexico D-Star Net
    D-Star Trains Net
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