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    Ham Radio Courtesy -- Written By Daryl Stout, WX4QZ

    This appeared in the March 14, 2007 issue of The Handi-Ham E-Letter,
    published by Courage Center, Golden Valley, Minnesota. It helps those
    with disabilities to become amateur radio operators.

    When I was involved with square dancing, there was a set of "10 commandments", and it had nothing to do with religion.

    The one that struck me the most is the one that basically said "if
    the club or group that you're a part of is not running things the way
    you like them, it'd be best for you to pull up stakes, and go to
    another group which is more to your liking". Unfortunately, with
    human nature, you are going to have personality conflicts, politics,
    and people holding grudges. This is true in hobbies, occupations,
    churches, etc.

    Over the years, I've known several individuals who "got their
    feathers ruffled". They basically threw a "temper tantrum"...storming
    off, and then saying derogatory things about those with whom they
    previously were associated. I've basically disassociated myself from
    these individuals and groups, but didn't go around smearing their
    reputation, no matter what they did. While I forgave these people for
    what they did, I didn't forget it. Besides, "what goes around, comes

    The sad thing is, several of these instances over the last several
    years have been with amateur radio... locally before EchoLink even
    existed, and since I got into EchoLink just over a year ago. Even with
    the recent FCC rules change removing the Morse Code requirement, some
    of these instances have soured my desire to upgrade, or do much more
    than I am now with the hobby. However, because of declining health,
    ham radio (VHF packet and EchoLink...these due to power and antenna restrictions) is one of the hobbies I can still do.

    People watching and listening to us are being turned off to the hobby
    by discourteous behavior. And there are businesses out there who would
    love to get their hands on our frequencies for pecuniary gain.

    To make a long story short... courtesy costs nothing, but pays big
    dividends. While you may not like another ham's personality, actions, background, etc., the best thing is to show them courtesy on the air,
    and on the message boards. After all, you can always delete the message,
    put them in the "deny callsign" section of your EchoLink setup, or move
    to another frequency or EchoLink node, and set the parameter in EchoLink
    to "not show conferences".

    It's like with the CW issue in the U.S. now... you do things because
    you WANT to... not because you HAVE to.


    Very well said. Courtesy is the foundation of a civil society, and it
    begins with the little things - the many ways we interact with each
    other every day, including our activities at the radio club and on the
    air and at the keyboard. Sourpuss complainers, naysayers who can't abide
    the slightest change, and know-it-alls can suck the positive energy out
    of anything, even something as much fun as ham radio. Always be polite
    and helpful, and respectful of others... Courtesy pays!


    An additional comment I want to make. Courtesy also applies to those
    on the air. You may not like or agree with an individual, but the least
    you can do is to "show them courtesy on the air".

    If you don't like hearing someone on the air, just "spin the dial" to
    another frequency, or power down the rig. No one is holding a gun to
    your head to make you stay on the radio. As Linus Van Pelt of Peanuts
    fame noted, "there are three things I don't discuss with others...
    religion, politics, and The Great Pumpkin".

    Also, interrupting someone on ham radio is just as impolite and rude
    on the air, as it is in person. While there will be "doubles" at times...
    which are understandable...just butting into a QSO...unless you have a
    bona fide emergency or priority traffic situation at your location...will sooner or later have other hams ignore you on the air, and in person.
    Then, if and when you truly need help, there will be no one to offer it.
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