• Ham Radio Glossary (M)

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    From QRZ.Com, the Icom handout, and Part 97 Of The FCC Rules -
    Ham Radio Glossary - An overview of amateur radio terms.

    m. Meters.

    Slang for "repeater", and sometimes for rig.

    Military Affiliate Radio Service

    A device placed between a transmitter and an antenna to tune the circuit
    to resonance. Normally called an Antenna Tuner (thanks to WD5CTQ).

    "Megacycle"; equivalent to MHz; regarded as an "old fashioned" way of describing frequency.

    One who experiments with radio communications at low frequencies such as
    those on the edges of the AM broadcast band (under FCC Part 15).

    Memory bank
    A set of memory channels organized into a group.

    Memory effect
    Rechargeable batteries such as Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium) and Ni-MH
    (Nickel Metal Hydride) types may be temporarlity getting less
    capacity/usage as a result of repeated non-full charge/discharge
    cycles. It is called so sinc rechargeable batteries lose capcity
    as if "memorize" wrong full capacity level at less than full charge.
    Li-ion (Lithium Ion) batteries are free from this effect.

    Message forwarding system
    A group of amateur stations participating in a voluntary, cooperative, interactive arrangement where communications are sent from the control
    operator of an originating station to the control operator of one or
    more destination stations by one or more forwarding stations.

    (medium frequency). The frequency range 300-3000 kHz.

    See Hz


    Method of adding information to a radio frequency carrier.

    "Mass Produced Rig"; a radio which is produced in large quantities; often
    used to describe radios that are NOT originally purchased in "kit" form.

    "Maximum Useable Frequency"; that frequency above which expected
    propagation no longer exists.
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