• [NCS] Hurricane Irma

    From mark lewis@1:3634/12.73 to all on Wed Sep 6 10:47:32 2017
    Hello All,

    Many of you are hearing and reading about the current storm which is Hurricane Irma. KB5HAV and the Hurricane Watch net are activated and he has been on top of this situation. Please go to the hwn.org website for the Hurricane Watch Net
    for further information. Please forward all reports you might have to the Hurricane Watch Net which is on 14.325 mhz or 7.268 mhz depending on time of day and propagation.

    As of now, they are still not sure of the exact track. Certain tracks take it toward the center of Florida while others take it just east of Florida. In any case, Florida will be affected. Those of you in the Carolinas and Georgia keep an eye on this track.

    As you know we have many of our members reside in this state including myself. With this being said, many of us will be preparing for the storm by lowering towers and disassembling antennas until the storm passes. This will have effects on our schedule. I will continue to post emails for shift openings as long as power and Internet hold out.

    Please try to keep abreast of the schedule and pick up whatever you can with these anticipated openings.

    Thanks for all that you do and stay safe,

    Jeff Savasta, KB4JKL
    Assistant Net Manager
    Maritime Mobile Service Network


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