• msata 4 rasperrypi

    From Maurice Kinal@2:280/464.113 to Benny Pedersen on Sat Feb 9 12:57:05 2019
    Hallo Benny!

    After foraging cyberspace I found this -> X850 V3.0 expansion board, which is a
    bottom mounted msata adapter manufactured for raspi's, although it looks to me to be more suited to rock64's which happen to have USB3. However they are compatible to USB2 so that shouldn't be an issue. Looks to be a very attractive alternative to the current onboard µSD as an msata drive is reported to be far more capable as boot devices for a number of good reasons. Same with 2.5" SSD's and regular spinney drives on a powered usb to sata adapter which is what I am currently deploying on aarch64-raspi3b+-linux-gnu target.

    Het leven is goed,

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