• 2ine (pronounced "twine") OS/2 emulation for Linux

    From andrew clarke@3:633/267.7 to All on Sat Feb 24 13:48:34 2018
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    Interesting (and technical) blog post from Ryan C. Gordon about an OS/2 emulation layer for Linux that he's been working on:


    "I've been building a project called "2ine," pronounced "twine," which emulates
    OS/2 binaries in the same way that Wine emulates Windows binaries. I named it as such to continue the fine tradition of programmers producing good code and bad product names."

    Found via https://virtuallyfun.com/2018/02/23/2ine-the-os-2-emulator/.

    I got 2ine to build and run on a 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 PC here, and managed to get InfoZip UnZip 5.52 (unzip.exe) to run under the emulator, but unfortunately
    very little else. So it's very early days, but hopefully he'll continue working
    on it.


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