• JamNNTPD for Windows, part 2 :)

    From Flavio Bessa@4:801/189.1 to All on Mon Apr 17 12:51:16 2017
    Hello everybody.

    Please disregard the previous messages I've sent. I have converted the config files located at the "examples" directory using the unix2dos application and moved them to the c:\jamnntpd-1.0\win32-exe folder, and also created the jamnntpd.config file.

    After configuring all the files, it worked flawlessly. However, I am experiencing three issues:

    - When I open the session on a Mozilla Thunderbird, I can't get the FROM: names, just my uplink Fido address (4:801/189). When I post a followup, this is showed correctly.

    - When I tried to use the app Newstap for IOS, I get a message saying "Warning: NEWGROUPS not implemented, returning empty list"

    - Again at Thunderbird, when I try to post a message to All, I get an error message saying : "POST Failed, unsupported charset (UTF-8)".

    Please let me know how can I fix those issues... :)


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