• AfterShock 10 years anniversary

    From Carlos Navarro@2:341/234.1 to Nil A on Thu Apr 13 20:45:58 2023
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    12 Apr 2023 09:01, you wrote to Tolik Vdovichev:

    Hello, Tolik!

    Monday April 10 2023 13:16, from Tolik Vdovichev -> All:

    I was searching for a job as Android developer and I had
    something to be in my portfolio. So, I decided to kill two birds
    with one stone.

    Coincidentally, the author of the rival app HotdogED had the same
    story. It was his first hello-world Android app and maybe the first
    Java code at all.

    An awesome "hello-world" app, BTW ;-)

    It seems that it was released a bit earlier than Aftershock. I found that Sergey's first announcement of HotdogEd v1 (beta 1) was on 21.03.2013 in RU.FTN.DEVELOP.


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