From Carlos Navarro@2:341/234.12 to All on Sun Jan 15 12:45:39 2023
    An interesting feature of HotdogEd is the support for FGHI URLs (basic area:// + msgid schema):

    - you can copy any message's FGHI URL to the clipboard
    - when you click on a FGHI URL from a message, the referenced message will be opened. (If it is not available in your messagebases it will try to open it on the website you have defined in General settings, default: fido.g0x.ru)

    But... the bad news is that it does not work for areas that don't have at least one dot in the echo tag - there is no link to click on.

    Therefore it's useless for most international/English echos, except a few like FIDOSOFT.HUSKY, FIDONET.ORG or FIDONET.TELEGRAM.
    It works perfect, however, for RU.*, ESP.*, BR.*, *.GER, *.ITA, etc.

    Some examples:

    These work:
    area://fidosoft.husky/?msgid=2:5057/77+63c1b24d area://ru.fidonet.today/?msgid=2:6035/3+63b12236 area://fidonet.org/?msgid=2:292/854+1b421210

    These don't:
    area://hotdoged/?msgid=2:221/1.0+633319b4 area://ftsc_public/?msgid=1:320/219@fidonet+56afd8a7

    (I think that it only recognizes those whose echo tags look like a domain name.)

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    * Origin: cyberiada mobile point (2:341/234.12)