• Tiny Yellow-Breasted Bird

    From Mike Powell@1:2320/105 to ALL on Tue May 3 16:52:00 2022
    I was looking out my kitchen window this afternoon and saw a tiny bird in
    the boxwood. At first I thought it was a humming bird as it was about the
    size of one. It was not, though. It had a short beak, mostly light gray
    body, but with a yellow breast.

    It was too small, and not yellow enough all over, to be a goldfinch, which
    are plentiful in Kentucky. We also apparently have yellow-breasted chats. While the coloration of those birds is similar, chats are much larger than
    a hummingbird.

    Did some googling and came up with several other birds that have yellow
    breasts or throats, but none of them appear to be what I saw today.


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