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    From Kurt Weiske@1:218/700 to All on Thu May 13 15:36:00 2021
    I moved into my house in 2015, and life conspired to delay us landscaping my back yard until now. First, a layoff, then long job search, a change in
    jobs, then Covid and having 2 elevated decks gave us enough space to get by, andmade the backyard a low priority. Finally, we had a windfall and decided
    to go ahead with the yard.

    The first step was leveling out 2/3rd of the yard - we had a 2 1/2 foot difference between the house and the edge of the property. My landscaper created a slide out of plywood and scraps of wood left over from a fence he took down to bring layers of rocks, sand, and gravel down a long stairway
    down from street level to the garden.

    We have a 20x20 foot section of gravel and pavers, a 20x20 foot section of fake grass for the kids to play on, and the rest is unfinished. We're
    planning on planting dune grass and some indigenous plants (we're on the california coast), laying down some flagstone I was given, and this summer
    we have a prefab shack coming that'll be furnished as a little reading nook.

    There's an apple tree that needs some pruning, and an avocado tree. We're planning on bringing in an arborist to check them out. We bought a little
    lime tree at Home Depot, those three trees could cover half of my caloric intake!

    We've put up an interior fence along our retaining wall, the neighbor has a beat-up fence that we share and had no interest in maintaining it. We also wanted some privacy, and because of the slope of the yard, the property line fence provided none. I found some prefab fence panels on clearance for half
    of what I wanted to spend, and was quite happy - they came washed to match
    our house and look nice.

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