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    Hard to tell at this point. I did not have the money for things like that, especially the final year before Andrew went into the Army. It was
    actually a pay raise for him.

    In tough times I will save up for essentials, which for me are things like Subj. Today's breakfast was going to be a packet of ramen, but I decided to fully economize and have nothing. Saving up for Monday-trip to Russia to celebrate a friend's retirement, too late.

    In this case, everybody seems to be focusing on Moscow, which has a quite different demographic with its own set of problems.

    Might, but any messing around could be catastrophic. Problem is I am so tempted to precipitate action these days. Oh, I can close the borders, so let is close me right away.

    I have not read anything about any oatmeal cookie baking from Garden; I presume those have gone the way of the bread making that preceeded them.

    Replenished several vitamins and got some munchies as well. Then I went over to Wegman's and had lunch (split a medium meatball sub and had a soda) before doing some more shopping. A quick stop at FabricDecor for some quilt backing and batting, then back to Forest for gas and eggs at Gardeners'
    before going home. Supper was left over beef brisket, beans (canned, but doctored up) and biscuits--Andrew had made some sourdough ones before I
    went shopping.

    At Garden I did make preserves, because Abdrew got a lot of fruit and then could not eat it (he grow it himself).

    ... A pair of gloves might be a good idea, because I have gotten sensitive to cold
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