• Wednesday 6/10/2020

    From Mike Powell@1:2320/105 to ALL on Wed Jun 10 16:32:00 2020
    We have had some brief but decent rains over the past couple of days. The
    two cherry tomato plants I put in over the weekend should like that. So
    also should the wild flower seeds I put down. I have a flower bed that is
    full of crocus, then dafodyls, during the Spring but is pretty bare at the moment. Just the knock-out rose bush in the center, and a few now-I-cannot-remember-what-they-are-calleds surrounding it. Those will probably not bloom until July.

    I used to have lillies planted in that bed but the deer used to eat them
    all before they would bloom, so I moved anything that was not mostly
    wildlife resistant out of that bed a couple of years ago. If the
    wildflowers take hold, maybe they will keep the weeds at bay. :)


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