• Release 1.2.19

    From Rudi Timmermans@2:292/140 to All on Wed Jul 6 04:10:22 2022

    New Golden release.

    Add screenshots to the general description of the application (#156)
    Improve i18n and l10n enhancement (#154)
    Cosmetic mailer session UI/UX output enhancement (#161)
    File echo periodic echo files with same name is overwrite bug (#158)
    TextHelper cause panic on boundary error bug (#157)
    Inability to establish communication in the field when using mobile Internet bug (#160)
    Wrong character in FTN area name bug (#159)
    Additional charset support bug (#148)


    --- Golden/Android 1.2.19
    * Origin: Yo Adrian, I Did It! (c) Rocky II (2:292/140.0)