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    slip_new.zip 951214 572k 0 trumpet v1.06b * dos internet nntp news
    client. includes all utilities needed to set up
    and use it with any isp providing slip service.
    this package uses a turbovision interface. note
    that this is an interactive program. there is
    no automa- tion.

    Directory: /utiln/utilnet/*

    File name Date kB Dlds File description
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    lsppp.zip 010216 15k 5 LSppp by David Lindauer, is a small MSDOS PPP
    packet driver. It is compatible with the needs
    of WATTCP and trumpet stacks. The resident
    size is approximately 28K. LSppp does not use
    configuration files; all parameters are placed
    on the command line or optionally in the LSPPP
    environment variable. LSppp loads as a class
    one ethernet driver and handles all aspects of
    the connection from dialing onward.
    Optionally, an external dialer may be used to
    dial an ISP prior to running LSppp; it will
    detect the carrier and go immediately into
    internet communications setup.

    Directory: /utiln/utilwin/*

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    twsk30d.exe 000511 557k 1 Trumpet Winsock Version 3.0 for Win3.1x / Win95

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