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    What is the format to find a file here?
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    What is the format to find a file here?

    traditionally, the allfix format is used... you'll get an echo reply from each system that has matching results of your search... those replies will be in a basic files list format... if you want a file in one of the reply lists, you still have to go get it manually or via FREQ to the system that has it...

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    3.2 Mail transfer and the FileFind system

    The FileFind system offers people the ability to search for files
    via echomail by writing messages addressed to the name "ALLFIX",
    without quotes. The files, file specifications, and keywords
    (preceded by a '/') are placed on the subject line. The message
    body may be left empty.

    ALLFIX will scan the configured message areas and process all
    FileFind requests. It will scan the BBS file areas and if any
    matches are found, it will write a reply in the appropriate area.

    Since the FileFind requests are sent via echomail, one request may
    receive multiple replies. One problem with this system is that the
    flow of mail may easily get out of hand. ALLFIX has a number of
    features to reduce the amount of mail. First, no more than 15
    files will be included in a reply. Second, it has the ability to
    ignore any local FileFind requests. Third, ALLFIX will not
    process FileFind requests that contain less than 4 non-wildcard
    characters (ie. characters other than the '?' and '*' wildcards).
    Lastly, ALLFIX has the ability to ignore FileFind requests that
    are older than the configured number of days.

    To facilitate searching for files, ALLFIX supports two elementary
    boolean operators; AND and OR. These operators may be used between
    filespecs and keywords.

    Ex. /SOUND AND /32bit

    In the previous example, ALLFIX will search for files that have
    both the keyword SOUND and the keyword 32bit in the description.


    In the previous example, ALLFIX will search for files with the
    keyword SOUND and the keyword 32bit in the description, or for any
    files with the keyword /SOUNDBLASTER in the description.

    Sometimes a keyword may contain the special character "/". ALLFIX
    will normally interpret that as a special character signalling
    that the rest of the text entered is a keyword. In order to
    prevent ALLFIX from doing that, the keyword can be enclosed in
    double quotes. For example, when searching for the keyword OS/2,
    it should be specified as "OS/2" and not as /OS/2 which may be
    interpreted incorrectly by ALLFIX.

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