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    From Richard Vonzel@1:282/1038 to All on Sun Mar 21 08:13:17 2021
    How does someone get a Fastecho Key?


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  • From Jay Harris@1:229/664 to Richard Vonzel on Tue Mar 23 10:38:47 2021
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    How does someone get a Fastecho Key?

    Two ways, you can request one free from the author:


    Or there's always this:


    I requested one using the 1st option, but haven't heard back as of yet. So I'm using the 2nd option until I do. ;)


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  • From mark lewis@1:3634/12 to Richard Vonzel on Sat Apr 3 07:53:32 2021
    Re: Key
    By: Richard Vonzel to All on Sun Mar 21 2021 08:13:17

    How does someone get a Fastecho Key?

    contact toby via his web site and send him your completed registration form...


    NOTE: while his system is listed in the fidonet nodelist, he may or may not see any netmails in a timely manner... email is the best method of contacting him in today's world...

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